Instruction of Aunchitha Ice Ball Marker


Place the bottom half of the ice mold in a sink and fill the ice mold to the fill marks

Position the top half of the mold so grooves line up and slowly lower into base. This will push water into the top half of the mold. Any excess water will flow over into the spill trap in the lid



The water level will be slightly lower than the tops of the ice spheres. This is normal, since the water expands when it freezes.

Place the ice mold on a solid level surface in your freezer. The ice balls should be solid in about 4 hours, depending on your freezer.



After freezing, grip the mold with both hands as shown and give it a twist back and forth a couple times. Rotate and twist a couple more times. This will break the balls apart and leave nice round spheres.

Hold the mold bottom side up and peel it back, revealing your ice balls.


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